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Pooja kit includes all required puja items (Puja Samagri) for a specific events.

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  • Sacred 9 whole grains, used in various Hindu Religious Ceremonies
Sandal Wood

Pure Sandl wood - Weight 10 Grams

Agarbatti (Incense) Stand

Agarbatti (Incense) Stand

Camphor - 100 Pcs

Camphor - Pack of 100 Pcs - Each small pack contain 8-10 small camphor pcs.

Camphor Pack



Abir Powder for Pooja and other Hindu Rituals

Vibhuti Powder - Puja Vibhuti

Puja Vibhuti 160 Grams


Puja Vibhuti 500 Grams


Gulaal Powder for Pooja and other Hindu Rituals


Gulaal Powder for Pooja and other Hindu Rituals


Kumkum Powder for Pooja and other Hindu Rituals


Ashtagandh powder is like a fragrance to make puja place more attractive to GOD. It's one of the important puja material.

Out of stock
Pithi Powder

Pithi is the paste that made out of chickpea flour, turmeric, rose water and other ingredients. Since ancient’s times, Pithi ceremony is celebrated both bride and bride groom home separately in Hindu wedding. This entails rubbing a paste on bride and bride groom’s face, hands and legs. The paste when rubbed on is excellent for the skin and evens out skin tone. Family members and friends often times have fun getting the bride and groom completely covered in the paste.


Manek Sthumbh, the pillar of gem, is bestowed at the weding ceremony, expressing the sign of good luck and wealth.


Dhoop for Pooja and other Hindu Rituals


Gheru for puja.


Gugal Dhup for Pooja and other Hindu Rituals

Out of stock