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Festival Colors (Rangoli) Holi High Quality Colors, 50 Gram Packets (Pack of 10) ( Non Toxic Holi Colours Pack of 10 Assorted colors 50 Grams Each )

Product code (SKU):  Holi-Color-ZLML-10
In stock: yes
Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • FREE Shipping
  • Non Toxic Holi Colours.
  • Free From Heavy Metals
  • Non Irritant to Skin
  • Super smooth and silky
  • Eye Catching Colour
  • Eco Friendly
  • Soft & Silky
  • 10 Assorted colors 50 Grams Each
  •  Red , Pink , Yellow, Orange , Royal Blue, Green , Chrome , Sky Blue , Purple and Golden Yellow. 

Colors are free from heavy metals like mica, silica, lead oxide, mercury sulphate and many others. These products are as soft as talcum powder  and having glittering effect. Each and every product have its own  fragrance like Blue with lavender, Red with rose, Orange with chandan,  Yellow with lime, Chrome with saffron, Pink with fantasy rose and Green  with khus.

Non toxic certified
Non irritant to skin certified
Free from heavy metals -EN 71-3 Certified
Vibrant and glittered
Perfumed & Stain free.