Copper Kalash Copper Lota , Puja 100% Pure Copper Vessel Lota Kalash

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  • Copper Lota, Copper Kalash, Copper Lota, Copper Kumbh
  • PERFECT SIZE Measures 4 inches in diameter by 4 inches in height; Volume of 500 ML; Weighs 150 grams
  • A HINDU TRADITION Lota kalash pots are used for making offerings or puja in the Hindu faith
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN Genuine copper vessel has a striking hammered finish that enhances the look of the metal
  • The Copper Lota is used to store holy sacred water during hawans and other puja rituals
  • It is also called Soma-Kalasha, Chandra-Kalasha, Indra-Kumbha, Purnaghata, Purna-Virakamsya, Bhadra ghata, or Mangala ghata