19 Rangoli Colors (200 grams (7.04 OZ)) Colorful Craft Sand Assortment

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  • Size: 19 packs of 200 grams (7.04 OZ) each of 19 different vibrant colors
  • High-Quality Rangoli Coarse Colors
  • Real Rangoli colors for Rangoli and other artwork
  • These colors are for Rangoli Artwork, and not for use on skin
  • 19 packs of 7.04 OZ  each. The intended use of this product is Rangoli Art.
  • Colorful Craft Fine Sand Assortment
  • Colorful Craft Fine Sand Assortment. An essential for all your sand art craft projects, this vivid sand provides hours of activity fun! Ideal for preschools and day cares! (Approx. 7 OZ ) Use this colored sand for all your sand art projects!